You would find that there are various options for web hosting available in the market which you can use for hosting your website. So Why Do Unlimited information measure Plans Exist? These types of web hosting are:

Dedicated: In this type of web hosting you would lease a server from a hosting company and the Internet connection and the hardware maintenance is dependent on the hosting company. With the help of dedicated hosting you can use various software applications, databases and operating systems. You can utilize the control panel which is provided by the hosting company. Many web hosting companies which nowadays provide dedicated server also comes with technicians who will work for the security updates of the server as well as its configuration. The biggest advantage of dedicated server is that you would get high bandwidth and excellent reliability.

In house: In this web hosting option you have to purchase the components so that your business website gets high visibility. These options include hardware, software as well as high speed Internet connection. A system administrator is also required to oversee the maintenance of all of these aspects so that the website is in perfect shape and always works well. The aspects that need attention are back-up of the website, site's response and security of the website.

Shared: This type of web hosting option is ideal for you if you have a small blog or a personal website. The shared server is provided by your web host and the server space is used by many other websites along with yours. All the resources of the server as well as the hardware and the Internet connection is shared by all the websites. Thus you are able to avail such type of hosting at a much cheaper rate than any other form of hosting. The biggest disadvantage of this type of web hosting is that here the bandwidth is limited and you have no control over the operating system software and might face security problems.





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